Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Sunscreen anyone?

Front hall closet done.  It actually took a lot less time than I thought and nothing too, too bad in it either.  Just 3 things that really illustrate the dangers of having high shelves and keeping attractive baskets in hard to reach places.

First, and I have to say this demonstrates my general lackadaisical attitude to house work quite well,  I got out the step stool to wipe down the top shelf of the closet and I found these pushed right to the back.

Must have been placed there by the previous owners to make whatever odorous items they kept on the top shelf smell even more odorous.  Guess I've not looked up there in 3 years then.  Oops.  Anyone out there who likes a scented sachet? I definitely recommend these, after however many years in the closet they are still very, very pungent.

This next photo doesn't need much explaining really.  I'm clearly paranoid about harmful UV rays which is probably not a bad thing, but it might be best if I could find a single, visible place to keep the sunscreen in order to avoid acquiring so many bottles.

And finally, in January 2015 Jacob and I purged his room of GOOS (Good On One Side) paper and rather than throw it all out I made handy dandy notebooks which used to travel around with us as things to do when we ran out of activity books in restaurants.  I blogged about it here in The Parkers Abroad.  See the one on the top, it has Jacob's Christmas list for 2014 on it.  Fancy wanting an iPod touch, how quaint, he would be less than pleased to receive one this year.

I'm not throwing them out.  I shall write lists on them for the next 2 years.  Or just maybe sometime in 2021 I'll find them in the bottom of another attractive storage basket on a very high shelf.

Does anyone else own 10 half used bottles of sunscreen?  Does anyone else find the previous owner's belongings in their house 3 years after moving in?  Please let me know and reassure me that it's not just me.


  1. Ha, ha. We don’t have a previous owner, so anything that turns up after a long time is our fault. I can relate to the paper saving. We have a desk drawer full of notebook paper torn from old school notebooks (our kids have been out of school for years) for ‘“someday” grocery lists. And sunscreen? Yup. I buy a new supply every year because I’m afraid it’s lost its potency, but I don’t throw out the old so they get all mixed up. So I declare you normal as can be.

    1. Phew, that's a relief. Thanks for the reassurance JanineMarie!