Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Scrap Metal?

This is a complete cheat's post and comes to you courtesy of my husband and father-in-law.

I've been quite busy over the last few days getting things ready for Rose's birthday party, making llama bags for favours and prepping jewellery for the girls to make.  As a result I've had no time for de-cluttering.  The men on the other hand have been busy going through the big pile of tools in the basement.  They have done very well and this is the resulting pile of things that will be going.

On the whole I am very impressed.  However, I did find this rather humble looking bag in the keep pile.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what's in it? No? 63 Allen keys that's what.  Please understand that I am only revealing this to prove that I am not the only person around here with a weak spot, see Drowning in Gloves and Winter Wardrobe.  I told Tom how many there were in the bag and in the name of accuracy and thoroughness he went round the house searching through untouched tool boxes, bedside tables and other likely Allen key habitat and found a further 18.  Wow.  That's a lot of IKEA furniture.  Here's a picture of some just to prove I'm not fibbing.

What on earth am I going to do with them all? Is there a special place where you can send Allen keys to retire or must they all go into scrap metal and be melted down to make new Allen keys?  Perhaps I could try to sell them all back to IKEA then buy some furniture with more free Allen keys.  Please help, all Allen key disposal/recycling/crafting ideas warmly received.


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  2. Sorry. Had to redo the last comment...did not proof read after auto correct mangled my comments. Love the idea about Ikea buy back program. Heaven knows how many of them are lurking in my house. This is also the true test of a marriage. Can you assemble furniture together and survive?

  3. Actually, if it looks really difficult I lure my father-in-law over with promises of cake and then hide. If my husband and I ever assemble furniture together my strategy for marriage survival involves deep breathing and a bottle of wine. Glad I'm not the only one with excess Allen keys around the place!