Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Yesterday I decided to go through my embarrassingly tall stack of old magazines.  I decided to do this because we need to clear out the basement to get it framed out and because I thought it was a quick and easy cop out job.  It would seem that I was wrong and as a result this is a post about a job half done.

So far I have corralled all the magazines in the house.  I'm afraid the total comes to 61.  I think the oldest is a BBC Good Food magazine from 2000, you can tell how old it is by the picture of shaggy haired, teenage Jamie Oliver on the front.  I thought I could take a quick flick through them all and be done with it in an hour.  What a fool I was, I am not the proud owner of 61 magazines for nothing.  The moment I open them I am transported into dreams of all the perfect lifestyles portrayed on their shiny pages and I just can't let them go.

Anyway, after 2 days of sitting around reading I'm nearly done.  I have a big pile ready to go, 8 more to look through and carpal tunnel syndrome from typing out vital recipes that I might not be able to live without.  Actually, I did come across a nice sounding spinach and feta filo pie which I might do Gary for Christmas so it's not all been a waste of time.

So in the absence of any proper clear out news here is a picture of Rose in her full witches regalia ready for Halloween.

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