Friday, 28 September 2018


So I actually decided to begin not by emptying the closets as planned, but by sorting out my shoes. I was quite surprised to discover that I'm the proud owner of 14 pairs of boots, shoes and sandals not including numerous pairs of slippers. That's even more than Rose who has only 12.

Here they are in all their glory.

Rose modelling her favourite pair of my boots
I did some brief googling and discovered that the average woman owns around 20 pairs of shoes so my 14 are by no means excessive. My problem is that I am completely aware that I only wear half of them on a regular basis and some not at all and if you'e going to own 14 of something they may as well all be fabulous or functional. Also (and more importantly) it's Fall which is my favourite footwear season and I want to buy some more.

I will be keeping the back 2 rows, they are my everyday, wear them until they fall apart shoes.

The rest are questionable.
  • Only one pair is a definite keeper, the nude, suede wedges. Love these and do wear them about 3 times a year, honest.
  • Also only one pair is a dead cert for the trash, the odd blue coloured heels that I last wore on a trip to Manchester in 2011.
Some of the others are more difficult to part with.
  • My wedding shoes.
  • The sandals that I bought at great expense for my first date with my husband.
I don't remember if I ever wore either pair again and I certainly haven't worn them since we moved to Canada in 2012. Francine Jay (author of The Joy of Less, see resources) says that "once something has memories, it's a bugger to get rid of" How right she is. But I guess I still have the husband (who probably has no idea what shoes he was wearing on our first date) so do I need to keep the shoes? I think that's 2 more pairs to donate.
  • The not very attractive brown heels. I was going to keep those 'just in case' and because they are comfortable but writing that down is embarrassing and makes me sound very old so they are also going.
I am left with 2 maybes which are tricky.
  • The cowboy/biker boots were much worn and loved over a period of 10 years from 1992. I'm pretty sure I'll never wear them again but they are now moulded to the shape of my feet and I'm having problems with the 'memories' thing, they remind me of when life was simple and unencumbered.
  • The barefoot trainers were my everyday walking the kids to the beach shoes when we lived in Grand Bend. If I'm completely honest they pinch my toes a but they represent a lifestyle that I cling to the hope of one day returning to.
I can't decide about these so I might start an undecided box in the basement, is that cheating?

So bearing all that in mind here are my remaining shoes.

That's 4 pairs out the door. Can I indulge in a new pair now? How many shoes are too many do you think? Here in Southern Ontario quite a number of pairs is necessary because of the extremes that the climate throws at us. Looking at my collection now, I've got to say that it's a bit dull. I'd probably better go out and get something sparkly just to jolly things up a bit. A girl has to have some fun right?

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