Friday, 26 October 2018

Junk Drawer #1

This week really has been a total write off for me.  We recently had a Home Energy Evaluation done and are now trying to figure out how to make our house more comfortable and efficient to run.  I have 120 days to get insulation and a new furnace installed.  Anyway, with chasing contractors around for quotes and Rose's party prep there still hasn't been a lot done on the decluttering front.

So today, just for something to write about I emptied the junk drawer and the pen pot that lives on the kitchen counter.  Here are the contents...

In Good Riddance, Showing Clutter the Door, Susan Borax and Heather Knittel say that you need a junk drawer for 'household items (that) defy categorisation' I confess that mine is for stuff I can't be bothered to put away properly and don't want to get rid of even though I should.  They have a list of rubbish items commonly found lurking in the junk drawer.  As you can see I am guilty of the following.

  • Rubber bands
  • Twist ties
  • Miniature sticky notes
  • Pens that don't work
  • Unidentified keys
  • Paper clips

I am also a hoarder of key rings and expired coupons (not shown here, they live in a different junk drawer), small things that are too good to throw away like tiny torches from loot bags, hair clips for 2 year olds, spare buttons from clothes I don't own anymore and anything half decent from a Christmas cracker.  I am also building up a formidable collection of glasses cleaning cloths and yet my glasses are always filthy.  Am I alone in all this?

I had a good tidy up, put some stuff back where it should actually go and threw some stuff out but if you examine the newly tidied junk drawer (below) you will still see a big ball of rubber bands.  How can I throw it out when I've been building it since 2014?  Anyway, you just never know when you might need 600 rubber bands, perhaps I'll need to escape through the dining room window on a home made bungee rope one day.  There, I'd better keep them for fire safety reasons.

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