Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Where to start?

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As we are reaching the seasonal changeover for outerwear I've decided to start my organising journey in the coat/shoe closets and yes, there is an 's' on the end of that closet. We have three of them and yet we still have 6 feet (tee hee) of boot mats by the front door. There's got to be some decluttering mileage in that.

My plan, which will be the method for all my organising efforts over the next few months is as follows...
  • Empty each closet
  • Give it a jolly good clean out
  • Put stuff back in, hopefully less than I took out
  • Get rid of anything that I don't put back in

Over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, which is an excellent blog with lots of very good tips for a clean and tidy home, this is week 4 of the very excellent 2018 14 week home organisation challenge. As the name implies I think that this is supposed to be achieved in 1 week.


I shall leave you with a before picture of each closet and be back on Friday with an update.

This is the hall closet by the front door. It doesn't look too bad right now does it but I am really not sure whats in those red and brown baskets.

This is the other hall closet. It doesn't look like there's much in there right now does it.

And this is the coat closet in the spare room/office. Needless to say this closet does not get opened much and I could find almost anything hiding in the back.

Forgive the terrible photos, it was a miserable day today but if I keep procrastinating and waiting for everything to be perfect I'll never start this thing.

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