Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Basement Part 2

Over the weekend I've been very busy in the basement as we now have less than 2 weeks until men arrive to frame it.  Arghh.  Will I get everything out in time?  Things are even tighter because I've set myself the 'goal of the month' with Elm Street Quilts of finishing a quilt top and that is due very soon.

Today's offering comes in the form of 3 lists.  First is the donate list, all packed up and delivered to the Salvation Army Thrift Store

  • Set of green plastics in-trays
  • 2 framed Dali prints
  • Cranberry glass bonbon dish
  • 2 small picture frames
  • 1 pair curtains
  • 6 pillow covers, not used since 2005
  • dog lead, found in the garage when we moved in and doesn't fit the kids
  • Ornamental toy car
  • Plastic bag of clothes
  • Shelf with coat hooks under it
  • Brush and shovel set for hearth
  • Assorted Christmas ornaments and lights
  • Coffee machine
  • Miscellaneous plastic toys from McDonalds

This list went out to the curb on garbage day.

  • Broken iron
  • Broken kettle
  • Broken mason jar, broken since 2015
  • Suit case with broken handle
  • Half a pound of party balloons

And this lot has been packed into a big plastic box for a yard sale in the spring.

  • 4 Christmas side plates
  • 3 glass vases
  • Set of 6 wine glasses
  • 5 glass ramekins (kept 14 which is still pretty excessive)
  • 4 matching mugs
  • 2 cup and saucer sets
  • 2 antique cups
  • Assorted coasters with cats on
  • 'Fashionable Coasters' 20 of them in a now very rusty tin

I also found these items and couldn't bring myself to bin them.
You just never know when a moustache might come in handy, especially an edible one.

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