Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Beginning the Basement

I was considering not putting pen to paper today, I've been slowly getting on with all the sorting and throwing out but none of it has been either monumental or exciting.  Still, I committed to posting on Tuesdays and Fridays so I shall note down briefly what has been done.

I finished sorting through my magazines and after much deliberation and typing out of vital recipes I have thrown 43 out.  All I have left are...

  • 5 Christmas issues with lots of great recipes that I will definitely make, honest
  • 1 Vogue knitting magazine
  • 2 gardening magazines
  • 1 Halloween edition with good pumpkin carvings
  • 8 Vogue patterns magazines
  • 1 quilting magazine with some really good scrappy patterns
I've not actually got rid of the rest yet, they are far too heavy to put out in the recycling all at once, also Rose and I have been using them as a step for her to practice kick overs off.

Yesterday I sorted out the non-sewing/knitting craft stuff in the basement.  I have rid the house of a large bag full of...
  • Unfinished craft kits
  • Multicoloured feathers
  • Opened bags of sequins
  • Dried up glue
  • Hundred year old fabric paint
  • Miniature pompoms
  • Tiny bits of paper
  • Pencils whose lead snaps when you sharpen them
  • Dried up markers
  • Tiny, grubby used erasers
And much more stuff too numerous to mention.  In order to quantify it and get it into Tally Ho! I decided to weigh it, 2.247 kg of rubbish plus some recycled paper and card and a box of wooden beads far to 'childish' (her word) for Rose now she has reached the grand old age of 10.

I found a couple of little gems while I was looking through stuff, here is a tiny piece of art that my sister sent me when I was at University.  It is about the size of my hand.

And here is a postcard my Dad sent me from Norway.  I wonder what happened to his favourite green cord cap?  I do hope it had a happy second life out there.

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